Monday, February 7, 2022

Local User Group 2022 update

We are one week into Local User Group month, I want to thank everyone who contacted me with information about Local User Groups, LUG.

Most confirmed the details of existing groups.

But I did receive the bad news that the Vermont Midrange User Group closed its doors in 2020.

On a brighter note Common Switzerland, German language site, fixed their redirect so their site is active again.

Please keep sending in information about LUG from anywhere in the world by using the Contact Form, on the right.

Still no news from Asia. This surprises me with the prevalence of Power servers running IBM i in India and Japan.

Confirmed so far:


  1. small typo, "Common Swtizerland (German)" - it should be "Switzerland".

    1. Thank you for catching that. Correction has been made.


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