Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Spring 2024 TRs announced

Today, at a later time than previous announcements, a new set of Technology Refreshes were announced by IBM for the currently supported releases of IBM i. These are IBM i TR4 and IBM i 7.4 TR10.

Doing a quick count of what is new and enhanced I find the following:

  • RPG
    • 2 enhancements
  • Db2 for i (SQL)
    • 17 additions
    • 9 enhancements

You can read all about them on these pages on IBM's websites:

A few things that caught my eye when I was writing this were (links to the IBM i 7.5 documentation):

  • Db2 for i
    • New: PRINTER_FILE_INFO view returns attributes for "many" printer files
    • New: ERRNO_INFO scalar function the returns the descriptive text for a errno value
    • Enhancement: SEND_EMAIL scalar function can now send to multiple recipients and have multiple attachments
    • New: SYSMEMBERSTAT view that contains a row for every DDS file member and DDL table partition
  • RPG
    • New: Add CONST keyword to a variable or data structure when it is defined to prevent it from being changed
    • Enhancement: SND_MSG operation code had more options for message types and values for the %TARGET built in function

The PTFs for these enhancement will be available June 14, 2024.

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