Thursday, July 24, 2014

IBM i strategy and roadmap

ibm i commitment road map strategy

Sometimes Googling uncovers things I missed when they were originally released. This is an example: the white paper An executive guide to IBM's strategy and roadmap for its intergraded operating environment for Powers Systems was published in May 2014. In this 16 page document IBM explains their commitment to the IBM i.

In the introduction Doug Balog, General manager IBM Power Systems, explains Big Blue's commitment:

I want to assure you that IBM is committed to the IBM i platform as a vital component of our Power Systems portfolio. IBM i is key to our broader strategy of investing in enterprise systems and storage.

You can download the white paper, as a PDF, here.

Interesting quotes I found in the document are:

IBM I is used by over 150,000 companies in more than 115 countries around the world to run their business applications.

This broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation is ideal for efficiently deploying business applications, with support for over 2,3000 solutions from over 850 ISVs [Independent Software Vendors].

Clients can easily upgrade from earlier releases of IBM i, preserving the decades long heritage of binary compatibility and application investment protection. In fact, some companies continue to run applications on today's POWER8 systems that were first warren on the System/38 in 1979, with little change or disruption.

While there is truth in the last statement I do not see this as a green light for continuing to code in RPG III, see RPG III let it rest in peace.

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