Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The future for IBM i looks beyond 2030

ibm chart shows future of ibm i goes beyond 2031

The post I wrote last month about the developerWorks closing at the end of this year. This caused a flurry of messages asking me if this meant that this was the end of the "AS400" too.

This is NOT a signal that the end of IBM i is nigh. I have been at various user group meetings where folks from IBM have told us that they have plans for this operating system going many years into the future. They also share an image showing past and the planned future releases of IBM i. After a good deal of "googling" I found this image that was updated after the launch of IBM i 7.4 .

Click on image to see larger image

This shows IBM's current plans for the contemporary versions of the operating system and for the next two releases, the so-called "IBM i Next" and "IBM i Next + 1". This does not mean that there are just two more releases of IBM i. Since the earliest versions of this chart, I think the first time I saw this was when the current release was either 6.1 or 7.1, it has always shown these two future releases. I am sure it is IBM playing it safe not having to tell us if these are releases 7.5 and 7.6 or 8.1 and 8.2 .

Rest assured IBM i has a good solid future. Thanks to IBM's innovation I am excited what this operating system will contain and look like in 2031 and beyond.

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  1. I've been quite vexed by that announcement. I searched the FAQ in vain where all that content is going. I will particularly lament the loss of all that information in the Wiki that Forstie put there about the IBMi services. I find that documentation better and easier to use than in Knowledge Center. I wish "sunsetting" meant just restricting new content from being added to Developer Works but keep the existing content accessible for a few years. I am not happy about this. Given the jitters this announcement has apparently caused among the community about the future of the platform, sunsetting Developer Works is clearly not helping that perception either. I think we should start a petition to keep Developer Works around. At a minimum preserve useful content.


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