Monday, February 3, 2020

Second annual IBM i User Group month

looking for information about ibm i user groups

If you are a regular readers of this blog you will know I am great fan of IBM i User Groups, and getting everyone involved with their local group. So much so I created a page of worldwide user groups, and added a link to it at the top of every page of this website.

Last year I started a campaign to update this list of User Groups. For the month of February I asked you, members of the IBM i community, to examine the list and if you knew of any groups that were not listed to let me know about them.

This year I am having the Second annual IBM i user group month. This month, February, I am asking you to do the same: review the User Groups page for any groups that are not listed. I am looking for any of the following information for any user groups:

  • Websites
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter accounts

If you know of any groups, website, or social media links I do not have listed please send me the details. You can use the Contact Form, on the right of this page, to send me a message, or message me through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

This is a time where we can show that there is a IBM i community in the world that is supporting and sharing information with one another.

Looking at the list a few questions pop into my mind:

  • Is Peru the only country in South America with a COMMON affiliate?
  • Is Japan the only country in Asia with a user group?
    None in China or India?
  • And closer to home: is there a user group in northern California?

I thank you in advance of any information you can send me.

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