Monday, September 20, 2021

ACS released

new acs

Update April 13, 2022: New version is currently available for download here

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the IBM i world. We have had the announcement of the IBM Power 10 chips, new E1080 server, and new Technology Refreshes. On Friday all of these were joined by the announcement of an updated version of Access Client Solutions, ACS.

The IBM i world got better with the new ACS version (I admit that I have stolen that from Scott Forstie, IBM's Db2 for i Business Architect). I downloaded it on Saturday onto my personal laptop and have been using it since then.

Personally I do not use the "Download" button to get the update. I always go to IBM's website:

You will need a IBMid to login into the site. If you do not have one you can create one for free.

The first file offered to download is the one I want.

Once I downloaded it, I extract the folder from the zipped file. Within the extracted folder are the instructions and programs needed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Don't be concerned that the dates in the QuickStartGuide and GettingStarted are from April 2021. These are the files you need for the new version of ACS.

There is not a nice install wizard, but when the installation has finished you will get a pop-up window stating that it has completed.

And now I have the latest version of ACS.

What is new? I am not going to repeat what IBM does so well in its own documentation, see here.

There will be a new Navigator for i that you have probably heard about. Alas, this is "coming soon". You can see what requirements are needed here.

Personally, I can't wait to get it.


  1. Its taking forever, no matter if I go directly, or via the download link.

  2. Finally! Glad to not have to work around the console bug in

  3. Simon, I was aware of the new ACS release but unfortunately I work in a wimpy environment that loves being far behind everyone else. I have decided I will follow your lead and download it to my personal laptop. Thanks for the post!

  4. Dose anyone of you know how to get rid of this stupid question: "All results currently open will be closed. Do you want to continue?" before exit the Run SQL Script?

  5. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Simon, do you know if supports launching the Navigator?

    1. is recommended. The new "Navigator for i" has its own URL & you use a browser for it.

      Read this post for more information.

  7. Hi Simon, option menu is missing in Run SQL Scripts. Not able to save the query output. thanks

    1. Right click on the results and you should be able to save it then.

      If the does not work check in Edit > Preferences.

  8. Hi Simon.
    Is it only me or the Release option is now missing from the printer output ?

    1. Which printer output?

      I still see the release number on the standard compile listing.


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