Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Navigator for i available

new navigator for i

When the new version of ACS was released we were informed that a new version of "Navigator for i" would be forthcoming.

Today I find that this new "Navigator for i" has been released. It is only available via PTF for the latest releases of IBM i:

  • IBM i 7.4 SI76981
  • IBM i 7.3 SI76982

You do not access the new "Navigator for i" via ACS, it has its own URL. On the partition I am using the URL is:


Which presents me with the following new login screen.

When I signon I am presented with a screen that has a long list of icons on the left pf my screen. When these are clicked on they open all kinds of new and enhanced tools. In my case I found I needed to be patient as it can take a little time for the "reports" and screens to load.

At present I have barely had time than just have a quick look at everything offered, without going in deeper. I certainly look forward to having time to do a deep dive and discover what is contained within.

Detailed instructions on how to load the PTF can be found here.


  1. Excellent news , long overdue

  2. Sounds Good... Thanks for sharing

  3. Loaded it up yesterday, very cool and super fast. Takes 5 minutes to install.

  4. I will mention that if you have secured the ADMIN1 server than the port number is 2003, not 2002.


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