Monday, May 16, 2016

From IBM: IBM i in the Modern World

I don't think I have seen the amount of publicity from IBM for a new IBM i release as there has been for 7.3 . There have been many blog posts and articles by IBM-ers all trumpeting the advantages and features of the new release.

The latest article I have found is by Alison Butterill, the Offering Manager for the IBM i operating system, extolling the operating system and its new release.

IBM i has developed a tried-and-true reputation to help companies avoid downtime and keep their businesses secure...

Multiple business applications can be run on the same server in the IBM i operating environment, simplifying management and in turn decreasing operational costs. Many IBM i clients have experienced a new low total cost of ownership (TCO) due to this simplification of operations...

Anticipating both client requirements and trends in the industry, IBM i continues to invest in strategies that enhance the database, optimize business analytics and further expand mobile access...

You can read her article here.

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