Friday, May 27, 2016

New KnowledgeCenter on Sunday

This morning when I went into IBM's KnowledgeCenter web site a pop up message, below, informing me that a "brand new" version of the site will be "live" on May 29.

Being a curious fellow I copied the URL to a new browser window to see what is coming in the new site (come on IBM this should have been a link, not just text). You don't have to copy that URL as you can just click here to reach the same destination.

The link goes to a blog post by James Roberts where he explains some of the improvements we will see:

...we've simplified the user experience and focused on letting you find the right content faster than before, and read it unobstructed. In search, you can preview your results right from the search page, and you can see results for your keywords from IBM Support, developerWorks, and IBM Redbooks.

My biggest complaints about the existing KnowledgeCenter is that it is very slow and the search feature is poor (well, we have all been spoiled by Google). So I am looking forward to Sunday to see what the new site looks like, and hope that its speed has improved.

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