Sunday, May 29, 2016

New KnowledgeCenter

The new IBM's KnowledgeCenter is now online, and after a few minutes of using it I have to say that it is an improvement on the old. It has addressed both of the issues I had with the old version: web site speed and ease of search.

It would appear that all of the URLs to specific pages of information have changed, and there is no redirection from the old address to the new. Therefore, all of the links you have previously bookmarked and made to the old version of the KnowledgeCenter now go to an error page. This includes all of the links to it in this web site. I am going to have a busy few days changing all the links, please be patient if you find one that does not work.

The links to the various parts of the new KnowledgeCenter are:


  1. I searched for JSON, which isn't in the 7.2 formal docs, but the search page very heplfully tagged the related devWorks and redbook links - this is excellent.


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